We take flyer delivery very seriously

Sales flyers are a large part of many retailers advertising budgets. Menu printing and distribution is a large but necessary cost for take-out restaurants.

Businesses depend on us to get their message out and we don't take that responsibility lightly. Our success stems from their success. Therefore, we represent our clients accordingly.

How soon can we get your message out?

Flyer Distributions are done on a weekly basis along with our flagship publication 'Here's the Scoop'

ADvance Distribution can also arrange for the design and printing of your flyers, menus and marketing pieces through our graphic design and printing division, 'ADvance Print & Copy'

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Advance distribution - flyer delivery in Airdrie and surrounding area

We have the experience

Since 1996, ADvance Distribution has been the City of Airdrie's primary distributor of retail sales flyers.

Coordinating delivery of flyers to a population of over 65,000 consumers in Airdrie and the surrounding areas including the Town of Crossfield and the Village of Irricana, ADvance Distribution offers both national and local businesses an affordable and effective alternative to Canada Post Admail distribution.

responsible flyer delivery

While some flyer distributors have opted to use automated systems that place one retailers flyer inside of another to lower distribution costs and increase profit margins, ADvance Distribution purposely avoids this practice.

We believe that every client should be just as visible to the end consumer as the next. Burying their flyer inside of another retailers flyer is not only doing a huge disservice to the clients, but could have a negative effect on the potential impact of their flyer campaign.

What makes advance distribution stand out

How ADvance Distribution delivers flyers is just as important as their low cost. Flyers are placed in clear plastic bags (Made from recycled plastic) and hung on residential door handles. This ensures that flyers are never rolled up tight with elastic bands, making them difficult to read. It also ensures that flyers remain dry and legible, even in the most inclement weather.

  By hanging them on residential door handles they are never hidden under freshly fallen snow, soaking wet from rain or blown around on a windy day.


Door to Door Flyer Delivery in Airdrie, AB

cost effective and reliable flyer distribution